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Our renovations require innovation. So with great pride we’d love to
to introduce The Caliber Experience Total Accountability System.
What is it? An easy to navigate online system that gives you
immediate access to all the moving parts of your project. From the
initial design to material choices and all cost options, scheduling,
review and approval of payments, total transparency and Control.
We use this system to track each and every individual process of our renovations. Our design process is both simple and intuitive. We give the power to the homeowner, by giving them the ability to customize their kitchen through an easy guide to ensure all their expectations can be met.

We also offer our hand picked Design Consultants to our clients to discuss the options available, depending on the room, or rooms, they wish to renovate. When working with our consultants, you can tailor each room to your exact specifications, picking out everything from color schemes, design materials, and express your creative side with outside-the-box custom renovations.

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